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  • How much do you charge?
    This has to be our most frequently asked question, and unfortunately its a hard one to answer! There are many factors that come in to play when we are pricing a job, that's why we can't give an accurate estimate without first doing a site visit to inspect the work. We do not charge by the day, or by the hour, we charge a fixed price for the job. This means that if we run over schedule, you will not be charged extra. For a free site visit and written quotation, give us a call!
  • How do you accept payment?
    There are a number of methods we use to accept payment. You can pay by cash, or we use an iZettle card reader, which is a safe and secure way to pay by debit or credit card upon completion of the work. Not going to be home when we finish? No problem! If agreed in advance, we accept payment via bank transfer. However, payment is due on receipt.
  • Do you remove the material?
    Yes! The price we quote includes the removal of all arisings. We will then rake and tidy up to the best of our ability to leave your garden looking as clean as possible.
  • What do you do with the material?
    This is a question we recieve a lot! The good thing is, you can have peace of mind knowing that all the material is recycled, and reused in some way. The woodchip goes to local farmers to be used on their tracks, for animal bedding and for mulch. We do not recieve any money for this. Green waste is tipped at Haynes Composting Site in Bedford. The green waste is then left to decompose in to soil. Again, we do not recieve any money for this, and have to pay to get rid of it.
  • Can i keep the logs?
    Absolutely! Keeping the logs will more than likely reduce the cost, as its less material for us to process and take away.
  • Can I cut off overhanging branches?
    Yes, provided it is done without trespassing onto the other person’s property. It is also permissible to climb into the tree to undertake the work, again so long as it does not require going into the neighbour’s garden/land. Note that trees covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or in a Conservation Area will require prior consent from the local authority.
  • Do I have to get permission from my neighbour or give them notice to cut off the overhanging branches?
    No. Your actions are classed as ‘abating a nuisance’ which does not require permission. Only in situations where you need access to their land to undertake the work would permission be required. Similarly prior consent from the local authority is required for trees with a TPO or in a Conservation Area.
  • What do I do with the prunings?
    Once branches are cut off they should be offered back to the tree owner. If the owner doesn’t want them then you will be responsible for disposing of the prunings; you can’t simply throw them over the boundary into your neighbour’s garden!

Frequently Asked Questions

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At Firwood Tree Services we believe that reputation is key, and we've spent years working hard to build a trustworthy, reliable business that our customers can depend on. Please see our 5 Star Google rating to see how others found their experience with us. 


Unfortunately the industry is saturated with quick start ups and people claiming to be professionals, looking to take advantage and offer services they are not qualified to undertake. 

Firwood Tree Services is a well established, registered and fully insured company. All our staff are fully trained, qualified, and competent to undertake all aspects of tree surgery.


Honesty is one of our core values as a company, and we believe that being honest and transparent with our customers is key to building and sustaining a trustworthy relationship. 


There are no hidden fees, what we quote is what you pay, and we will never ask for any upfront payments. 


If we commit to a date or time, then we will be there on that date and at that time. If in the very unlikely case that we do need to cancel, or we can't make it, we will give you plenty of notice. 

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