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Hedge Trimming

Hedge trimming, Hedge Removal, Hedge Reduction & Yearly Maintenance Plans

Hedge Trimming

Hedge Trimming

At Firwood Tree & Garden Services Ltd, we offer a professional Hedge Trimming service to help keep your hedges in great shape and looking their best. Hedge trimming involves cutting and shaping the growth of hedges to a desired size and shape, which not only enhances their aesthetic appeal but also promotes their health and longevity.

Regular hedge trimming has many benefits, including improving the overall appearance of your garden or property, enhancing privacy and security, and preventing the spread of disease and pests. It can also help to promote the growth of new foliage and flowers, which can attract wildlife and provide a more vibrant and colourful environment.

Our team of experienced tree surgeons are fully equipped with the latest tools and equipment to tackle hedges of all sizes and shapes, and we'll work closely with you to understand your requirements and preferences. We'll also ensure that all work is carried out safely, efficiently, and in compliance with all relevant health and safety regulations.

Whether you need a one-off hedge trimming service or regular maintenance, our Hedge Trimming service is designed to help you keep your hedges in great condition all year round. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your hedge trimming needs.

Hedge Reduction

It's common for hedges to become overgrown and difficult to manage. Depending on the species, it may only take a couple of years before professional cutting tools are needed to bring them back down to a manageable height.

At Firwood Tree & Garden Services Ltd, we specialize in hedge reduction services. We have tackled many hedge reductions, both large and small, over the years and take great pride in our work. Our skilled team will get your hedges looking neat, tidy, and level, with plenty of examples of our work on our social media pages.

Our hedge reduction services include the removal of all the arisings, leaving your site looking neat and tidy. You can have peace of mind knowing that your hedges are in the hands of our experienced and knowledgeable team.

Hedge Reduction
Hedge Removal

Hedge Removal

At Firwood Tree & Garden Services Ltd, we offer a professional hedge removal service for both domestic and commercial clients. Hedge removal can be a necessary process when a hedge has become too overgrown, diseased or simply unwanted.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals will safely and efficiently remove the hedge, taking into consideration the size, location and accessibility of the site. We use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure a thorough and effective removal, leaving your property clear and ready for your next project.

We also offer an optional stump removal service for complete removal of the hedge. We are fully insured and always ensure that we leave the site clean and tidy after the job is done. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote for your hedge removal needs.

Yearly Maintenance

Regular hedge maintenance is essential to ensure your hedges remain healthy, neat, and attractive all year round. By investing in our hedge maintenance service, you can benefit from a range of advantages, including:

  1. Improved appearance: Regular trimming and pruning can help maintain the shape and appearance of your hedge, ensuring it looks neat and tidy.

  2. Healthier growth: By removing dead or diseased branches, we can help stimulate new growth and prevent the spread of disease or pests.

  3. Increased privacy: A well-maintained hedge can provide an effective barrier to noise and visual pollution, helping to create a peaceful and private outdoor space.

  4. Enhanced safety: Overgrown hedges can obstruct walkways and block visibility, posing a safety hazard. Regular maintenance can prevent this and reduce the risk of accidents.

  5. Cost savings: Neglected hedges can become difficult and costly to manage, requiring more extensive work to restore them to good health. By investing in regular maintenance, you can save money in the long run and ensure your hedges remain healthy and attractive.

At Firwood Tree & Garden Services Ltd, we offer a comprehensive hedge maintenance service to keep your hedges in top condition.

Hedge Maintenance
Commercial Hedge Trimming

Commercial Hedge Trimming & Maintenance

We understand that first impressions count when it comes to commercial properties. Maintaining a tidy and professional appearance is crucial for creating a positive image for your business or organization. That's why we offer a tailored hedge trimming service for commercial clients.

Our experienced team can handle hedge maintenance around offices, buildings, schools, local councils, golf clubs, and other commercial properties. We use specialized equipment and techniques to achieve a neat and tidy finish, no matter the size or type of hedge.

Regular hedge maintenance for commercial properties is essential to ensure that hedges do not overgrow, obstructing footpaths or entrances, and becoming a safety hazard. Our hedge trimming service can help prevent this from happening, ensuring that your property looks neat and well-maintained throughout the year. We work around your schedule to ensure minimal disruption to your business operations, providing a flexible and reliable service that you can count on.

We can schedule regular visits to maintain hedges at an appropriate height, remove any dead or diseased branches, and shape hedges to complement the surrounding landscape.

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We provide a first class, professional service

Our Reputation

At Firwood Tree Services we believe that reputation is key, and we've spent years working hard to build a trustworthy, reliable business that our customers can depend on. Please see our 5 Star Google rating to see how others found their experience with us. 


Unfortunately the industry is saturated with quick start ups and people claiming to be professionals, looking to take advantage and offer services they are not qualified to undertake. 

Firwood Tree Services is a well established, registered and fully insured company. All our staff are fully trained, qualified, and competent to undertake all aspects of tree surgery.


Honesty is one of our core values as a company, and we believe that being honest and transparent with our customers is key to building and sustaining a trustworthy relationship. 


There are no hidden fees, what we quote is what you pay, and we will never ask for any upfront payments. 


If we commit to a date or time, then we will be there on that date and at that time. If in the very unlikely case that we do need to cancel, or we can't make it, we will give you plenty of notice. 

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